Off-Beat Figure Drawing Sessions are monthly gatherings of artists coming together

in community to inspire and be inspired. We hold space for one another to drop into simply being by means of expression. You are invited to flow onto the page, through music..spoken or written word. Each gathering will welcome a solo musician or band to co-create with us, as well as a guest photographer to capture the sweet slow moments of the evening. On occasion we have poets and writers share their work while we create.

These sessions are a weave of first time artists, novice and professionals. We book experienced models and those braving a whole new surrender to join us on occasion. This is a very inclusive

non-judgmental community of open hearts & minds.  


Off-Beat is a conduit for the exploration of  interesting venues around Calgary. We have had sessions in an old slaughterhouse, historical school house, and the attic of a marble factory to name a few venues. We are always turning over new stones and looking to discover inspiration from environment for our themed sessions and hope to continue to challenge the creative process by sourcing uncommon spaces. Please connect if you have a place you think we'd pour into nicely:) 


Please note that these sessions are not academic in structure, they are an indulgence of the senses. 

Light, environment, sound and emotion are curated for you to not only make art, but also to enjoy an immersive living art experience. 

Previous figure drawing knowledge not necessary. You are welcome here. 

xo - Dez

Video credit: 
Welcome to the West