"Unique thought of settings and atmosphere, seem to ignite the flo and ebb of creativity" - Karen Neufeld  

"I love how inviting each session is whether you have never drawn before or are a pro! It's so welcoming and relaxing, between the ambiance, the music and the quiet camaraderie amongst the guests:) A lovely experience every time" - Stacey Walyuchow

"Makes me feel like I feel at burning man ...A free exploratory & inclusive environment. I feel like a welcome amateur participant as both model and person drawing. OBFD is Creative, original Local artists in quaint small groups . Amazing venues and great connections.  Deseré, you have mastered an art of being in flow in your genre" - Veronica Palin 

"I think deep down we all want a platform to showcase our (perceived) flaws and have them met with reverence and humanity" - Stefanie Airey (model) 

Press Buzz  

2-page feature in Avenue Magazine

Off-Beat attendee and writer for the Gauntlet, Rachel Woodward writes about Off-Beat.
Guest photographer Evan Lewis had cover & feature article published in print & online with COMPOSE magazine.
Article written about Off-Beat featured in print and online with BEATROUTE MAGAZINE by : Sheena Manabat 
Blog entry and photo gallery post by guest photographer BOON ONG. 
Blog entry by model and artist BELINDA FIREMAN about her first time as a nude figure model. 
Blog entry by artist and model ZHEN about Off-Beat. 

Testimonial Buzz  

"Thanks for being someone who gets it...who gets that dialogue, the arts, exploring relationship between ourselves, each other the spaces we live within is vital to our personal and collective well being. Thank you for being a brave pioneer leading the way to deeper and more intentional and meaningful artful explorations here in this city.The space you create and hold is welcoming to all, sacred and transformational and is contributing to the development of a soulfulness in this beautiful community of Calgary we share." - Amy Lister 

"The community. The warm unique atmospheres. Its not your typical figure drawing deal, it engages all of the senses" - Rae Hope Pantalleresco

"Despite figure drawing is available in different places in Calgary, Off-Beat Figure Drawing is definitely one of a kind. It's the atmosphere, the casual coziness, the inspiring and sacred feel too it. Not only it's a place for painters, but it's music, lighting, photography and modelling artists all come into place. That's the uniqueness of Off-beat.
Keep up the good work!" -Boon Ong

"I love attending because I enjoy being surrounded by the creative energy, the beautiful vignettes, props, music and pull inspiration from the whole experience. It's meeting other creative people and sharing what we are drawing that night, being exposed to some unknown musicians, playing with my drawing skills, taking away a warm fuzzy feeling that I've dipped myself in a bit of culture, which seems so sparse sometimes in this city." - Amélie House

"I chose Off beat as my first figure drawing event. Deseré invites a beautiful mix of artistry and creativity all with a welcoming spirit. The mixture made it more experiential and less of a class setting- allowing me to blend and feel a part of something rather than an observer of a nude figure in a stark classroom setting" - Paula Timm